Monday-Thursday: 10:00am-8:00pm

   (adult lessons available prior to 3:00)

Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: closed except by appt.



Private home studio in Missoula's Westside Neighborhood

near St. Patrick's Hospital

Address available upon registering for lessons

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Missoula, MT

Summer Lessons offered by-appointment

Our efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19:

We are offering in-person lessons or Zoom lessons from June-August.  If you opt for in-person lessons, you must be actively social distancing and not have traveled or been visited by out of town guests within the past 14 days. Both student and teacher should wear masks.  Teachers will disinfect surfaces, pencils, and wash hands between students.  Only 1 student and up to 1 parent may attend the in-person lesson and additional family members are asked to wait outside or in the studio gardens.

Zoom Video Lessons

  • Download Zoom at

  • Select the FREE version

  • Your teacher will send an invitation to a Zoom meeting via your email.

  • Please have Zoom installed on your computer or large tablet so you have a large screen, and have the camera and microphone connected so we can see and hear each other.  A simple webcam+mic will work for PC users, or Mac users can use the camera+mic that is built into your laptop, desktop computer, or iPad.  


Musicians' Guide to Covid-19 Instrument Care:

  • Please DO wash your hands a lot and have general attention to hygiene! 

  • DO wash your hands before you practice your instrument (in fact, always a great idea!). 

  • DO wash hands after your rehearsals and being around other musicians and sharing pencils.  

  • DO cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, into your elbow.

  • DO feel free to disinfect your orchestra pencils that you share!


  • DON'T !!!! spray or wipe any disinfectant, water, or alcohol on your violin. This will destroy the varnish on your violin, causing it irreparable damage and a loss in value.  These cleaners are NOT meant as instrument cleaners or polishing agents, and could destroy a good antique or quality student violin.  Even (especially) water will damage your instrument too! Any moisture other than average air humidity is bad for a stringed instrument.

  • DON'T spray any disinfectants on your piano!  The moisture and chemicals can cause major damage to real pianos and even to the electronics in your keyboard!

  • You MAY and SHOULD, always use a DRY lint-free cloth like a super soft microfiber cloth to dust off the rosin and violin neck and chin rest after practicing.  

  • To clean your piano/keyboard keys, you MAY use a lint-free microfiber cloth that is lightly damp with a solution of 1 part vinegar and 4 parts warm water.  Wipe the keys forward and backwards, not side to side to avoid getting any moisture down between the keys, then use a soft dry cloth to dry the keys.  HERE is a great article on care of your piano!