Grow Music Missoula

Recommended Partner Program that provides Cello and Strings Group Classes

Jessica Catron, Cello

Jessica Catron is the founder and director of Grow Music Missoula, a fantastic music studio that provides cello and string group classes.  She is also a co-director with Amelia Thornton in their wedding ensemble company, The Receptionists Music.  Both studios enjoy collaborating to create musical opportunities for their students to explore chamber music and performance.  

Grow Music offers early childhood music, fiddle and cello lessons, the Cello Mafia, and other fun musical explorations in Missoula, MT.

~ A note from Jessica ~
"I love music and I love to teach music. Music is my passion, my joy, my muse, and my solace. I hope you'll allow me share with you all I've learned and what inspires me about music! My cello has taken me all over the world and I feel proud to bring my experience of all I have learned along the way. 

I started Grow Music as a way to promote healthy and well-rounded musical development with focus on the group dynamic. Music is a natural outlet for creativity, discipline, and self-expression - and the sheer joy of making music together promotes socialization, community, and a wonderful sense of belonging."